Everything About Mistris

A Peek into Who We Are

Fast emerging as a top name in the world of automobiles and bikes, Motormistri connects automobile enthusiasts with a chain of service providers to ensure a hassle-free, affordable and satisfying experience. We aim to make the world a better place for all the drivers and the riders by providing you with an access to around 3000 car & bike vendors and approx. 300 PUC stations in the city.

What We Aim To Do?

Since its inception, Motormistri is fast emerging to the top, in the world of machines. We make use of in-depth research and have a penchant for perfection while leaving no stone unturned to provide a more than satisfying experience for our customers.

Additionally, as cultivated Motorheads, we provide fellow car & bike aficionados with up-to-date insights in the world of machines. We connect automobile enthusiasts to motor experts and are available just a click away.

We aim to reach out millions of people and help them find service centers and nearby PUC stations; with just a click. What we do?

  • Provide instant service wherever you are
  • Effortless coordination with service providers
  • Assistance 24/7

Mistri Services


Front line services:

We focus to furnish our guests with the finest of data, best of facilities and up-to-date stories. Our front end service includes:

  • Online listing of all the garages
  • Discover nearby Fuel Pumps and PUC Stations
  • Spare Part Einstein (Informative Center)
  • NEWS Break (The inside story)

Expert Services:

Here, we present a comprehensive data about all types of services and activities which are related to your vehicle. We are the only company to provide first-hand data and have empanelled the below-mentioned services providers for you.

  • On-road Mechanic
  • Modification & Alteration Centers
  • Auto Parts & Spares

Emergency Services:

As a proficient service provider, we are available 24/7 and provide instant services.
We feature experts from different verticals of the motor world and the specialists listed with us are thoroughly dedicated to serving you at any given point of time no matter where you are.

  • 24x7 Garage (rescues services)
  • Towing Service
  • Tyre Repair

Who is it meant for?

Every one of you. No matter if you own a vehicle or aspire one. If you drool about high-speed engines as you browse through magazines; look up routine check-ups for your vehicle, or simply were stranded amidst no-mans-land with a vehicle break-down. We are here to offer you a comprehensive platform which meets all your requirements. Broadly our audience can be squared in the following categories:

  • Car and bike Owners & Aspirers
  • Car and bike aficionados
  • Motorheads seeking to be updated on the latest automobile news

From CEOs Desk:

Experts empanelled with us are all but not limited to veterans and industry experts but also engineers and local mechanics working in this industry who have dedicated their life to automobile engineering and have become masters in their own rights.