10 Best Car Hacks That are Total Life Savers

10 Best Car Hacks That are Total Life Savers

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We have a vast amount of technology and consumerism products at our disposal today to take maximum care of our automobiles. But how many times do we ever truly need it? When it comes to basic maintenance, here are some car hacks that you could be of immense help at the most crucial of times. Some won’t even cost you a penny.

Check out some of the best Car hacks that will help you in the long run.  

1)    Rubber Bands = Customised Holders
If you don’t have a phone holder in your car, then a rubber band can help mighty. Loop them through the AC grates and let your phone hang securely in the car. You will never have to invest in a phone holder as long as you have those nifty rubber bands lying around. 
2)    Plungers = Dent Removers
They can be used to remove dents from your car. When you place the mouth of the plunger on the dent and pull it back, the vacuum created will tug at the dented part pulling it back into shape. Do it carefully though and you might want to wash the plunger first. 
3)    Nail Polish = Crack Repellent
If you have a crack on your window, apply a little nail polish towards the end so that the crack does not spread. However, this is only a temporary solution and will hold the window securely till you reach the mechanic. Nail paint similar to the colour of your car can be used to disguise a messy chip or scrap.
4)    Razor Blades = Slick Window Cleaner
They can be used to nick the sticky dirt from your windshields. Many a time, dirt and bugs do not come out with the mild washer fluid. That’s when a blade is of immense help to scrape them off. 
5)    Newspaper = No Nasty Bumper Stickers 
Use a paper to get rid of a filthy bumper sticker on the window. All you have to do is soak some paper in warm water and place it on the sticker for around 10 minutes. 
6)    Toothpaste = Shiny Headlights
Take a small amount of toothpaste and scrub it all over the grimy headlights. Let its stay for a while and use a cloth and water to wipe it off. You will notice a distinct difference before and after.  
7)    Woollen Balls & A Little Essential Oil = Natural Freshener
One of the DIY car hacks is to tiny woollen balls together and add some essential oil to it and hand on the review mirror. And your all natural air freshener is ready. Or you could stick some up on a wooden pin and place it of the air-conditioner grate. 
8)    Car Too Hot?
Roll down one of the windows and then open and shut the door across from it a couple of times. This is one of the best car hacks that will help you during the sultry summers and save up on the additional air conditioning cost. 
9)    Organizer = Less Messy Car
Hang one of those utilitarian organizers at the back of the front seat and watch your car go from chaotic to a shipshape haven. 
10)    GPS = Best Car Tracker
Save time looking for your car on the parking lot. Pin your location on the GPS so that you don’t have to hunt for your vehicle in the crazed parking lot and can spot it in an instant.

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