5 Ways to Maintain Your Bike This Monsoon

5 Ways to Maintain Your Bike This Monsoon

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It’s that time of the year again when the streets are wet, the weather – poetic, and the foliage - greener than ever. But monsoons have their fair share of hiccups for the riders. It could be in the form of vague visibility, corrosion, muddy roads, potholes, break problems due to water clogging, etc. Hence, the question – Is your bike ready for the Indian rain?
Let’s have a look at 5 simple ways you can care for your machine this monsoon.
Watch the Breaks
The breaks must function efficiently to ensure a safe riding experience. Keeping your breaks in a good condition is extremely crucial, and a sudden applying of breaks is never a good idea on the slick road. This does not imply that you only care for your brakes during the rains, they need to be tended throughout, but more care needs to be taken during this wet spell. If you have drum brakes, then you need to ensure that the disc and the liners are always clean. On the other hand, disc brakes need to be inspected for damage. Additionally, the break oil needs to be adequate to ensure smooth running.
Worn Out Tyres = A Disaster
A tyre should have deep treads so that it can cut swiftly through the water. If the grooves on the tyres are less than 2-3 mm then the tyres need to be replaced. Another constituent that is of crucial importance is the tyre pressure, which consequently impact the grip. During summers, the pressure in the tyre needs to be lower. On the other hand, require the tyre pressure to be optimal. However, this does not necessarily mean you overfill it.
Rust is not as big a problem as it was a decade ago, as most bikes today are composed of fibre bodies. Nonetheless, the rider needs to ensure that metal parts of the motorcycle are layered with an anti-rust protection due to continual vulnerability to water.
Chains, Hinges, Levers, et al
The drive chain needs to be well lubricated with oil if it is not covered. Consequently after every ride, one must ensure that it is washed to get rid of all the dirt and grime collected in it. Additionally, the levers and hinges need to be well lubricated to ensure the fluent running of your bike.
Monsoon affects the efficient functioning of the air-filter due to heavy moisture. Consequently, this will result in the motorcycle halting and jolting a lot of times. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the air filter clean throughout.
A regular check of your machine is recommended at required intervals. Additionally, it is advisable to keep the motorcycle covered when parked in order to ensure that the exposure to moisture is kept to a minimum.

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