Checklist for Buying a Second Hand Car

Checklist for Buying a Second Hand Car

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Sure, a second-hand car does not feel the same as a brand new one, but it’s still your first one. We’ve put forward a checklist to make sure that your old machine runs as good as new and is devoid of flaws. Here are some points you need to consider while buying a second-hand car, to make sure it’s worth the bucks and to ease out the paperwork, transfer, registration and insurance procedures. 

Step 1: The Start.

Do the research. Which model is best suited for your need? Is it a reliable model? Is it in your budget? Is it from a reliable source? How will you pay for it? 

Step 2: When you’ve zeroed down on one! A Background Check Is A Must.  

Was the car serviced regularly? Does your dealer offer a warranty? Was it ever customised? (Stay away from this one). Is the car really old? (Say 10 years, or even 7; walk away).

Step 3: Great! You’ve found the Car of Your Dreams.  Body Check!

Take help from a mechanic friend to do a thorough body check – engine oil, exhaust colour, coolant, hoses and belts, frame and exterior, car underbody, interiors, electrical equipment’s, brakes, filters, tires, hood, etc.

Some Other Points to Keep In Mind

Never go to examine the car during night time or in the delusion of an artificial illumination (only trust the pure daylight). Give it a cold start yourself to check its efficiency. Do not forget to check the odometer (it tends to be a victim of the most amount of tampering). Whether the engine is rebadged or original? Check the year of manufacture. Verify the documents (Original invoice, insurance and expiry date, original registration certificate, PUC Certificate and RTO tax receipt). And yes, don’t forget to test drive!

Step 4: Last but Not the Least 

Forget verbal consents, put everything to paper. Do not forget to negotiate (added advantage of a second-hand car, it does not come with a fixed price). Do not forget to transfer the car insurance to your name. Note the odometer reading, time and date of delivery on the delivery note.

                Once it reaches you, first thing – Get It Serviced.

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