Remove Rust from Your Car - Do It Yourself

Remove Rust from Your Car - Do It Yourself

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Rust as well as rust bubbles do nothing but make your car look downtrodden, although it may most certainly be brand new. The engine, frames, trunk compartment, chassis, painted surface and exhaust system are most likely places to catch rust in a car. 
A car catches rust when the primer coat is chipped or when the metal is oxidised after being exposed to moisture and air during an accident. 
Now we all know that removing rust from your car can be a challenging process but we’ve made the procedure comparatively simple by listing down the methods for you.

What are the tools you require?

  • Rustic acid
  • Sanding Wheel
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint Tarp 
  • Sandpapers Sheet
  • Primer 
  • Colour Spray
Don’t forget to use a mask, safety glass and rubber gloves for safety. 
The first step involves using a Painters Tape to cover the parts of the car that you do not want to catch rust. It is a better option than a newspaper as it gets the job done better and lasts longer. Don’t forget to roll the windows! Now, using a sanding wheel, remove the tough outer rust layer. Once the chunky part of the rust is gone, use sandpaper and carefully scrape the rest to avoid corroding the metal of your car while simultaneously removing all the rust that may have built up in the corners.
Clean the area with a cloth after which you apply rust acid over it. Keep it for a while to thoroughly clean the exposed part, after which you wipe it off again with a clean cloth. Apply the primer as directed on the bottle. This has to be done thrice while giving it time to dry between each interval. Let it dry overnight or over a period of 12 hours. Once dry, use sand paper to even out the primer and clean it again. Spray paint the exposed part till it matches the actual colour of your car. Let the paint dry for a day, after which you can remove the Painters Tape.
It is important to note that you can only remove the rust from your car if you can paint and prime your car within the specified period. Ensure that metal should not be left exposed for even a short span of time. You can protect your car in the future by washing your car every two weeks and applying wax coat once a month.
Additionally, this is a good procedure only if the rust is small. If a major part if the car is rusted then it is advisable to give it to a professional to repair.

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